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Financial literacy is necessary to make certain decisions and purchasing a new home is a decision that can impact your family’s financial future for years.

Particularly with investment decisions, emotions can cloud judgment. Having an experienced buyer’s agent guide you through the process will help you make logically sound assessments that don’t underestimate the associated financial risks.


Foreign Buyers Deserve Unbiased and Qualified Agents that Represent their Interests

Searching for your future home in Greece can be draining and costly particularly for foreign buyers with limited knowledge. This is why we are here to help you can rest easy knowing we will skillfully guide you through the convoluted Greek real estate market.

Choosing us as your personal buyer’s consultancy means you get exclusive access to properties that aren’t publicly advertised, in addition to our diverse portfolio of pre-listed properties, lastly, our world-class staff holds your hand every step of the way from our initial consultation to property selection.


Our Process


We understand your concerns. We address your concerns on buying during this period and discuss how this can be a delightfully rewarding experience for you.


Search for the best properties that fit your preferences utilizing our local agent network.


We inspect critical metrics during evaluation to provide a rough estimate of your home’s market value.


Plan our negotiation strategy for acquiring the property at the best possible price.


Get Access to a Wide Range of Properties on the Market.


This is a smaller housing unit in an apartment building. It’s common to see buildings 3-7 floors high with a block of 1-3 flats per floor in Athens.


This is a two-story house usually with an internal staircase to connect both floors and measuring about 60 to 300 sqm.


This is a free-standing house not sharing walls or floors with any other building. It usually measures 100 up to 500 sqm.


This is a completely detached building in a remote location. Villa’s are houses that usually have a lot of landscaping features including a garden, garage, pool, and other outdoor features.


Places to buy in Greece

There are many options for real estate investment in Greece but we’ve made it easy for you with a brief outline of specific areas in Athens and the Greek islands to help you make the best decision.


The Center of Athens is a high profile destination in Greece attracting tourists and locals, a city alive with cultural festivals, and lots of entertainment.
Go back in time with its art galleries, museums, and archaeological sites. It’s a city regarded as the home of philosophy with a wide genre of art and entertainment for visitors who love to explore.

Key Features

High rental rates are common and this area in Athens is known for its high demand for short-term lettings as compared to others.
It’s one for those with a love for antique buildings with renovated interiors. Properties are usually apartments with few detached houses.
Property prices range from 1800€ – 6000€ per sqm.


The suburbs in the South of Athens have a cosmopolitan feel and is popular among the elite for their luxury lifestyle choices.

High-end shopping is common on the high street of Glyfada with fashion stores distributed across the area for all varieties of tastes you can simultaneously enjoy a variety of local seafood and international cuisines.

Beaches can also be found around the Glyfada, Voula, Varkiza, and Vouliagmeni areas. And if you’re in the market for more than entertainment, we also offer consultation services for premium coastal properties.

Key Features

As opposed to central Athens, it’s very popular for its long-term lettings since it’s encompassed by the Athens Riviera.

While still an area with many antique buildings, newer developments can be frequently seen in the area with apartments, maisonettes, and detached houses quite common.

Prices per sqm range from 1500€ – 6500€


The Northern Suburbs of Athens offers the best property deals on the market right now as the market in the area is witnessing a resurgence following the recession of the last decade so high-quality properties at the lowest prices are quite common.

Close to the Athens International Airport and other shopping malls, cafes, and bars in the city, it’s a place where the tranquil atmosphere of the city comes alive.

Key Features

It offers great deals for families as International schools are more common in the area and it’s easier to find large houses for cheap so you get access to privacy for a bargain.

Apartments, maisonettes, and detached houses usually on large plots of land are common.

Prices start at 1300€ – 4000€ per sqm


There are thousands of islands out there for future property investors to choose from but most who’ve had the Greek island experience know there’s a unique feel to it with its exquisite natural environment.

Unique architecture with subtle hints of the blue and white stripes on the Greek flag contributes to this beautiful scenery.

Weather conditions are usually mild in the area and locals are always seen flooding the areas making them safe, the transport and other amenities around the area maintaining this environment.

Key Features

  • The popular islands of Mykonos and Santorini are common for their luxury offers and properties in these areas tend to generate more returns on investment than properties in central Athens.
  • Locations like the Ionian sea are more common for families and individuals who want to get away from the busier touristic areas.
  • Detached houses on large plots of land are more common in the Greek islands.
  • Price range per sqm: 1.200€-15.000€

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