Life in Greece

Greece has become one of the top global destinations for property investments for a number of obvious reasons. There are few places with high-quality real estate that is available at affordable prices. Greece easily meets those standards through the very essence of her existence. For many, investing in Greece is more than just a real estate opportunity; it’s an opportunity to live a different lifestyle.

Greek culture, cuisine and climate are second to none. Only here do you live, walk, and breathe ancient history at every given moment, and have access to the most expansive and pristine beaches in the world. Experiencing Greece means experiencing a type of idyllic lifestyle that only the few and the fortunate are able to live as a reality.


Greece Feels like Home

Greek culture is one of the easiest to assimilate into. Greeks are known throughout the whole world for their hospitality and “filotimo,” or “love of honor.”

Enjoy a warm welcome from the locals while you make Greece your new home, embracing the unsurpassable lifestyle available through the Golden Visa program


The Friendly Greeks

Tourism and shipping are the two biggest industries in Greece. As a result, the Greek economy and culture demand an international mindset from the Greek people. This makes Greece very welcoming to international travelers, with an English literacy rate that exceeds 50%.

In comparison, only 39% of French citizens speak English, and in Spain this figure reaches 22%. It is common for Greeks to speak other languages as well, most notably French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Greece also hosts many cultural fairs, festivals, concerts, celebrations and other international events. There is always something to do. Come and enjoy the immersive Greek lifestyle with the accommodating culture and people.

quality of life

Low Cost of Living

The cost of living is an important factor to take into consideration when considering any major foreign real-estate investment. This is especially true for families considering educational options for their children.

The average net monthly salary after tax is in the 700€-1000€ range. The basic economic analysis states that market costs generally meet the lower incomes lowering the price of goods and services. The result is consistently high-quality goods and services at a lower cost. As a buyer of real-estate, this works distinctly to your advantage as maintenance services on your home are offered at markedly lower rates. Lastly, purchases of the Greek Golden Visa gain you access to the high-quality Greek public educational system for your children.


strategic location

Crossroads to Civilizations and Continents.

Greece is Southeastern Mediterranean country that is geographically and culturally, at the crossroads between three continents: Europe, Asian, and Africa. This has instilled a sense of cross cultural exchange that has existed since ancient times, and continues today as Greece is home to Europe’s largest growing port, Piraeus.

Furthermore, all major airlines are connected within Greece’s fifteen international airports, further solidifying Greece’s ideal location to connect with international markets.


Free Public Healthcare

Foreign investors receive access to the same quality healthcare as the residents of the European Union. This includes hospitals and healthcare centers equipped with the latest leading medical equipment that is manned by experienced medical professionals from all fields of medicine.

Greek healthcare workers are also exceptionally experienced in providing medical attention to patients who are not fluent in Greek, and this is something that continues to get better as Greece continues to rise in the ranks as a destination for medical tourism.


International Schools & Universities

There are many international schools in Athens for prospective primary, secondary and university students. An additional perk of being a Greek Golden Visa holder is you can attend European universities with all the same accommodations as EU citizens.



Investing in Greece

The financial benefits of investing in Greece are surreal but the social and institutional benefits turn an already incredible opportunity into a must-buy.


Permanent Access to Europe for your Whole Family

There are many international schools in Athens for prospective primary, secondary and university students.

There are also additional perks for golden visa holders as they can attend European schools just like EU citizens.

But gaining access to the cultural, and economic benefits of the European continent for the long term may be the biggest benefit.


Find the Most Competitive Real Estate Prices Among European Capitals

We have comparably inexpensive real estate prices among European capitals. The decade-long recession in Greece drove the prices of most properties below its pre-recession market value.

This means that Athens offers the lowest prices for high-value real estate across the major European capitals.

Average property price in the center of European capitals (€/Μ2)


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